“There’s something clever about XREAL's way: it’s using a totally mature device category to do all the hard work — and doing as little on your face as possible. At least for now, it feels like a smart strategy.”
"XREAL has made a name for itself with some surprisingly nice-looking augmented reality glasses, which put a display in front of your eyes so you can do things like watch TV or play games on a giant screen projected just for you."

“It sounds like the AR add-on we’ve been needing for a while by solving a bunch of issues.“

"The one thing I’m most keen to get into for myself is the XREAL Beam Pro’s Google Play support. That opens up a new avenue of millions of apps to open and use — downloading content to watch offline from Netflix or Prime Video, dabbling in a bunch of Android games or even getting into the likes of NVIDIA's GeForce NOW."

"XREAL's Beam Pro looks like the future of phones that power AR glasses." “The Beam Pro has other clever ideas that most phones don't have at all. Two widely spaced cameras on the back can shoot 50-megapixel spatial photos and video that can be viewed on XREAL glasses... There are also dual USB-C ports on the [device], so glasses can be plugged in while simultaneously staying plugged in to charge.”

"XREAL Air 2 dominates display glasses"
"XREAL ships 350K AR glasses in 2023, takes 51% of market. The company announced today that it has shipped 350,000 AR glasses in 2023. This represents a 320% year-over-year growth rate and gives XREAL a 51% market share in Q3 2023."

"These futuristic glasses allowed me to flip through crisp-looking 3D movies, play around with digital objects and even control the smart home lighting in the room by simply tapping and pinching my way around a virtual space using natural hand gestures. You can also plug them into pretty much any phone, computer or even game console and enjoy a private 120-inch screen that you can take anywhere."