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Essential Kit

Essential Kit


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Upgrade Your Wear: Essential Kit for Air Users - Limited Edition
Elevate your Air eyewear experience with our exclusive Essential Kit, available only to 700 customers across the United States. This limited edition set is designed to enhance comfort and improve wearability, ensuring you get the most out of your Air glasses.

Essential kit Includes:
  • Upgraded Nose Pads in Three Sizes (S, M, L): Tailored to fit the metal support of Air glasses, these advanced nose pads transition from standard cushioning to air capsule technology. Enjoy a softer touch, skin-friendly material, and significantly increased comfort that reduces the pressure of wearing glasses.
  • Enhanced Light-blocking Visor: Compatible with both Air and Air2 models, this new visor design extends lower to minimize light leakage from the bottom, offering an improved immersive experience.

Product Features:
  • Upgraded Nose Pads: Our air capsule cushioning provides unparalleled comfort, reducing the feeling of pressure and ensuring your glasses sit comfortably on your nose throughout the day.
  • Enhanced Light-blocking Visor: Designed to fit seamlessly with your Air eyewear, this upgraded visor helps to block out unwanted light, ensuring a more immersive viewing experience.
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